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Privateer Press Previews Menoth for Warmachine MkIII

As we get closer to the release of the new MkIII rules for Warmachine/Hordes, we continue to get glimpses into what sort of changes are being made to the various factions. Absolutely everything is getting an overhaul, even if it's just in points cost. But a lot of things are getting taken back to the drawing board and looked back over. I'm sure everyone's rather anxious to see what their favorite models will end up playing like. Well, here's another look. This time around, it's Menoth.

Here we get a look at the Reclaimer solo, the Flameguard Cleanser Unit Attachment, Blood of Martyrs Character warjack, and a guy with a new model out on the block, Heirarch Severius. As one would expect, plenty of flames to go around for everybody.

How do you feel about the changes that've been shown so far? Any units getting some new life you'd not used before? Something you felt was entirely crushed into oblivion? Perhaps interest in a faction you didn't play before?