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Privateer Press Previews March Releases For Warmachine/Hordes

Usually getting into March is when we start seeing a few storms around. It's the end of winter and just getting into the beginning of spring. Well, the folks at Privateer Press are mixing those two seasons together as well that month with their new Warmachine and Hordes releases. Both the wintry Legion of Everblight and the stormy Cygnaran army are getting new releases.

Starting out with the Legion, they've got their Command book coming. Expect a detailed history of the faction, a look at the warlocks, warbeasts, and certain core units, as well as a painting guide. Moving on from there, there's a pair of new Warlocks in the book, both new incarnations of characters seen before. There's Fyanna, now a full warlock, and christened the Torment of Everblight. She's good at buffing the army that surrounds her in battle. Then there's Kallas, Devastation of Everblight, who is more twisted and morphed than the dragon ever first expected. Legion already has some good ranged attacks in their force, and they're getting some more with Azrael. Armed with POW 17, RNG 10 spears (of which he can throw 2 per round), and teaming up well with Kryssa, he'll be a wrecking force on the battlefield.

On the Cygnar side of things, they're also getting their Command book. As with previous iterations, you'll get a detailed history of the faction, rules for the Warcasters, Warjacks, and key units that fight for them, and a painting guide. After that, we've got a new Warcaster to add to the ranks: Captain Allison Jakes. Her Journeyman training is over and she's ready to make a real impact on the battlefield. There's also a new Warcaster unit containing familiar faces: Caine's Hellslingers. Actually a Mercenary unit, they have the Partisan (Cygnar) ability, letting them lead armies of both factions. It's Caine teamed up with the remnants of the Black 13th. A new Warjack will be hitting the field, too, in the form of Brickhouse. They're the personal warjack of Major Beth Maddox (from the starter box). Tough and able to dish out the pain, Brickhouse is a strong point on the battlefield.

March will be an interesting month for the game.

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