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Privateer Press Previews Hooch Hauler For Hordes

Holy alliteration, Batman! We've got a double-dose of it for you in that headline. Black Anchor Industries, Privateer Press' big-model shop, has previewed its next release. This time around, it's a welcome sight for all you beer aficionados out there. It's the Hooch Hauler for the Trollkin.

From the preview:

Last month, the Northkin stormed into HORDES, bringing the power of their frozen homeland down upon all who threaten their kith and kriel. However, while the howl of winter winds and roar of firebombs and fire eaters alike has echoed across the battlefield, a classic song says it’s not Christmas until you can hear those “slay bell jingling, and ring-ting tingling, too.”

I am referring of course to that lorry of liquor, that carriage of canned heat, that tumbril of tipple: the Northkin Hearthgut Hooch Hauler.

Early renders of this massive battle engine were shown off during the Lock & Load 2017 Keynote. And now it’s my distinct pleasure to get to show off the finished sculpt of this model, huge hooch keg, crazy crew, and (dare I say it?) hulking draft beers…I mean, bears and all.