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Privateer Press Previews February Releases

It's hard to think that February will be here before you know it. It seems so far away, but in the realm of retail and getting in orders of what you want to stock your shelves with, there's really no such thing as "too early." So Privateer Press has sent out their February releases so people can get ready. Circle players will be interested, in-particular.

The "big one" that people will be interested in is the Circle Orboros Command book. Like previous books in the series, it will have the rules for all the warlocks in the faction (including two new ones), as well as all the warbeasts (with a new character warbeast as well), plus a selection of solos and units. Speaking of those warlocks, we've got a new version of Kaya. This one's Kaya the Wildheart. She's got her own battlepuppy to ride into battle on. Then there's Una the Skyhunter, who has become a full warlock. The character warbeast comes in the form of Loki, a new warpwolf (I foresee people sculpting big horns on his helmet). Circle isn't the only Hordes faction getting something, though. Trollblood players will be receiving Horgle the Anvil, formerly the solo Horgle the Ironstrike.

Warmachine players shouldn't feel left out, as they've got some mercenaries coming their way. Something I know people have been wanting for years now is a unit of Llaelese gunmages. Well, your wish is finally being granted in the form of the Thorn Gun Mages unit. Merc players are also getting a new mechanic/jack marshal in the form of Colbie Sterling.

Should be a pretty good February. I know a lot of people who will be in love with these figures.

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