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Privateer Press Previews December Releases

Sure, there's already Halloween stuff out and Pumpkin Spice everywhere, it won't be long before all that turns to red and green tinsel, twinkling lights, and Christmas music. December's not that far on down the line. As such, Privateer is showing off what they'll be coming out with that month.

It was hard to decide how to order this, as it's got some pretty big stuff in it (literally and figuratively). I decided to go with a new Trollbloods book to begin with. There'll be both a hardcover and softcover book. It's the first of the Faction Books to come out since the new edition of the game. It's got all of the current warlocks and warbeasts in it, as well as a selection of core units and solos. But it's not all old. There's also new in the form of a new gargantuan and two new warlocks. Warlocks such as Madrak, Great Chieftan, which will also be available in December. Along with that, a new plastic model kit in the form of the Thumper/Pummeler (depending on what type of artillery piece you want on the field).

For Circle, they're getting the Storm Raptor Gargantuan. It's a big damn bird that boasts 7 melee attacks, electro leap on those attacks, and a Plasma Nimbus that means things attacking it will take a POW 10 after the attack resolves. So, yeah, you don't want to go after this one with weenie infantry. Circle is also getting a Tharn Wolf Rider Champion. She's a new solo that, obviously, fights well with other Wolf Riders.

There's one lone Warmachine release for the month. It's for Menoth, and it comes in the form of the Guardian/Indictor plastic box. The Indictor's sort of like a small Avatar. You can't target it with spells, and enemy spells can't be cast while within 5" of it. The Guardian you already know about.

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