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Privateer Press Previews August Releases

The Grymkin are the new faction coming for Hordes. Their big release is coming this year... in August, in fact. Privateer Press has posted up some previews of the minis you'll be getting then, as well as their next Organized Play season's set of cards.

From the announcement:

The King of Nothing wants nothing more than to be left alone. Rejecting Menoth’s desire to see humanity
band together, the King of Nothing wishes to have no part in society. Having been cast down as a Defier,
he rules over an empty, barren wasteland. And like any good king, he desires to see its borders expand.

Having rejected Menoth’s reality, the Dreamer chose to live within the more pleasing confines of her own dreamworld. Existence itself conforms to her slumbering visions—or is punished for its resistance. Freed from Urcaen with the other Defiers, the Dreamer imposes her phantasmal will upon the mortals of the Iron Kingdoms.

Named for the jangling of the iron links that wrap it as it trembles with feral hatred for the Defiers’ corrupt foes, the gaunt rattler is the most spiteful nightmare serving the Wicked Harvest. Catching sight of the enemy throws a rattler into a mad rage, and in this frenzy it hurtles into crowds of the unfortunate to lay waste with its bladed claw

Thunderous and ponderous and ten timbers thick, the Cage Rager stuffs its cells with the bodies of the wicked for its masters’ harvest. Within this confinement their torments mount, and the Cage Rager harnesses their sweet terror to help the Defiers bend the world to their will.

The gorehound hunts far and wide at its masters’ bidding. Its long tongue tastes the air for the sweet taint of corruption as it stalks its prey. Once a stonehearted coward falls within its grasp, the gorehound leisurely sups on the victim’s fear and flesh—a just reward for callousness.

Myths and folk legends tell of twisted terrors with pumpkins for heads known as the dread rots. Wielding cruel implements with rusty blades, these creatures single out wicked and exploitative mortals living at the fringes of civilization for punishment. Now they serve their masters in battle, emerging from the loamy soil to reap a bloody harvest upon humanity.

Armed with spears and riding grisly hobbyhorses, neigh slayers are gremlins with an outsized appetite for bloody mischief. These obnoxious grymkin scream across the battlefield upon their “steeds” while foes look on in bewilderment. Few understand the peril they face until it is too late, as the neigh slayers trample and impale any foe that crosses their path.

The Twilight Sisters offer grim bargains to those they meet on the perilous roads of the Iron Kingdoms. As these enigmatic witches travel, they offer aid to their grymkin fellows, all while serving their own ends and punishing the wicked for their folly. Those who renege on a pact made with the sisters quickly see their lives end amid unimaginable torment.

The vile fiends known as trapperkin dwell just out of sight below and behind the magical portals they can create at whim. Be wary, for these grymkin will suddenly throw open an unseen hatch to snatch up victims and drag them back to their hidden lairs. When a trapperkin is near, all must tread carefully—a wrong step could mean vanishing without a trace, stolen away by these deadly lurkers.

Prepare for the fallout of the Grymkin’s arrival with this new league for WARMACHINE & HORDES! Unlike years past, narrative leagues will now not be broken down into seasons across a full year. Instead, each league will be its own standalone event lasting for one month. This new approach to league play allows players to jump into any narrative league with a fresh start and to participate in all the fun within a single month. Rotten Bounty introduces new mechanics involving unique game cards that all players will receive just for signing up. Additionally, all players who participate in the league until completion will receive a Grymkin gremlin conversion model that can be added to the base of any of their existing models as a fun decoration!

This kit can support up to 8 players and contains enough materials for each player to receive 8 unique game cards to use in league play, as well as a gremlin model as a final prize upon finishing the league. Additionally, each core kit contains three of the premium Thamarite Black tokens as a reward for the Event Organizer running the league. The event officially runs through the month of September, but it can be run at any time.

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