Privateer Press posts up Stormwall Colossal card

By Polar_Bear
In News
May 25th, 2012

Privateer Press just posted up the stat cards for their Stormwall Colossal for Cygnar in today’s Privateer Insider. Go look! NOW!

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  • cannondaddy

    56 damage boxes; shouldn’t be too hard to disable, right?

  • keltheos

    Seriously? No AOE on those shoulder guns?

    • Tamwulf

      What does it need AOE’s for? The Chainguns spit out two nice, 3″ POW 12’s, or 2d3 shots, and then there are the Lightning Pods… auto hit anything with a POW 10 and disruption that crosses a line from the Stormwall to the Lightning Pod.

      Doesn’t need AOE’s. But if you really want AOE’s, play Siege with the Stormwall.

  • Heble

    Interesting… Not exactly overpowered, is it. But enough of the Blues… give me the Conquests card. 😛

  • odinsgrandson

    Ok. That is underwhelming in all the right ways. Powerful, probably worth the 19 points, but not a game killer.