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Privateer Press posts up Level 7: The Movie

Privateer Press has made a short film about their upcoming Level 7 world.

BELLEVUE, WA, June 15, 2012 – Matthew D. Wilson has debuted
LEVEL 7, a short film that introduces the sinister world of LEVEL 7 which
will be explored through various media, including games from Privateer

Written and directed by Wilson, LEVEL 7 takes viewers on a
terrifying eight-minute thrill-ride into the bowels of a secret
government-run underground facility where humans work side-by-side with
extraterrestrials in an effort to forward a mysterious agenda.

The short film follows John, an unsuspecting abductee, who awakens in this
hostile techno-dungeon with no sense of where he is or how to get away. As
John flees for his life through the perilous labyrinth of horrors, we come
face-to-face with the inhuman denizens that stalk the shadows and gain an
unwelcome glimpse into the dark purpose of this forsaken place.

LEVEL 7 is the first game from Privateer Press set in the world
introduced by the film. One to four players take the role of fleeing test
subjects who must work together—or use each other—to find their way out of
the facility with their lives. LEVEL 7 releases August 2012.