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Privateer Press Posts Trollbloods MkIII Preview

The new edition of Warmachine and Hordes are on their way. Privateer Press is taking this opportunity to not just update a couple things, but every model is getting a revamp. Even some rather fundamental things in the game are being changed. The preview for Trollbloods gives us a look at some of those changes. Also, Privateer is showing off the Bog Trog Mist Speaker.


We'll get the Mist Speaker in and out of the way right quick. It's a new Gatorman solo who sounds like he'll be able to deal with spirits of some sort, as he casts spells that "calls upon the forces of the bog trogs’ swampy homes." So, more swamps around.

As for the Trollblood update:
The big one is this: Tough no longer will work when Knocked Down. Yeah, that's a pretty big change. The idea is to keep Tough in the game, but remove the negative play experience of an entire army simply not dying due to hot dice (I know I've had to kick a downed troll 4-5 times before before they'd leave). Also, a word on animus dispersal throughout an army: animi won't be unique to a single warbeast anymore. That is to say, several different warbeasts will have the same animus if that animus is found to be a "core animus" for the faction. This will help with army builds as you don't "have to take that one beast you don't particularly like just to use its animus" as there'll be a chance that animus is on another warbeast you might like better. Also, a lot more animii are being converted to range "Self."

That's kind of a quick sample of all that's talked about in the article. It goes into a lot more specifics about various models for the faction.

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