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Privateer Press posts stats for upcoming Warcasters/Solos

Privateer Press launched their Warmachine video game Kickstarter. Now, I know we don't do video games here, but they've also posted up the stats for the Journeymen Warcasters and full-on Warcasters that are coming out in the next tabletop game release (the models have alternate sculpts as part of the Kickstarter campaign).

From the preview:

The stats for the Kickstarter exclusive alternate sculpts of characters from the WARMACHINE: Tactics video game are now available for download in a special No Quarter Plus! This special release includes the stats, background info, and tactical tips for the game’s six novice warcasters well before their publication in the WARMACHINE: Vengeance expansion book releasing next year. This edition of No Quarter Plus also includes stats, background info, and tactical tips for an all-new Cygnaran warcaster and his Cryxian epic form!

As an additional bonus to WARMACHINE: Tactics Kickstarter supporters, the Kickstarter exclusive alternate sculpts will be available well ahead of the standard sculpts’ release. To get your hands on these exciting Kickstarter exclusive alternate sculpts and get a jump on your competition, pledge your support to the WARMACHINE: Tactics Kickstarter campaign today!