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Privateer Press Posts Retribution of Scyrah Preview

As we all know, Privateer Press is working on a new edition of Warmachine and Hordes. Well, it's not just the core rules for the game that are getting the overhaul. All the factions are also getting a retooling. That means looking at each and every unit, solo, warjack, warcaster, and warlock in the game and seeing how they work with other things. Well, today we get a quick look at the Retribution of Scyrah and get some details (as well as looks at some stat cards) of what can be expected.

Starting out, Retribution is one of the newer factions for the game (relatively speaking). This means that they've had a "newer design philosophy" behind them from the beginning. As such, the roles of various models for the faction have fit in well with what Privateer has wanted for the faction. So those will be mostly staying the same. The article then talks about various units but starts off where a lot of us sort of knew it would: The Mage Hunter Strike Force. Or "the unit of Eiryss's" as a lot of people I gamed with called them. This SPD 6, RNG 12 unit that could ignore LOS... yeah, they knew that wasn't going to work as much anymore. So that's been changed.

They then go on to talk some of the different warjacks and into warcasters. Check it out for a deeper look inside the upcoming Retribution.