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Privateer Press Posts New Releases

A new crop of new releases has popped up on the Privateer Press homepage for Warmachine and Hordes. It's a decent spread of old, new, units, attachments, solos, and a gigantic warjack for you to check out. There's a good chance there's something you'll be able to use being released soon.

We'll start out with the big one. Khador is getting a Conquest/Victor box. The Conquest has been around for a while, being one of the first Colossals out there. But now, like all of them, it's getting a slight makeover as well as pieces to build a Victor instead, if you so choose. The "new box with alternate pieces" treatment is also making its way to the Farrow. They're getting a Brigands/Commandos box. For Skorne, they're getting a Praetorian Karax Commander and Standard unit attachment. Rounding things out are a pair of solos. One's for Nyss and one's for Mercenaries.

Today's the listed release date, so go out there and get you some new minis.