Privateer Press posts new previews for upcoming releases for Warmachine and Hordes

By Polar_Bear
In Hordes
Jun 7th, 2013

Privateer Press is showing off some new kits they’ve been working on, posting up the previews over on their website.

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  • What a difference a bit of armor makes. I didn’t like the Trollkin Warders, but these Champions look pretty good and they use the same legs & torsos.

    • mathieu

      A very tiny bit of extra armor… These are identical to the warders, except for the arms and heads!

      That being said, and despite my dislike of how PP is selling us a box of conversions with doubles for the price the competition gets you unique sculpts, these are very cool models. And definitely much better than the original Champions.

      • Ghool

        I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be more economical to just include the heads and arms for both so that you’re able to build either unit. Having two SKU’s for essentially the same product, and extra packaging seems like a waste.

  • Yeah, I love the new Champs, they beat the pants off the original ones imo.

  • CaffeineBoy

    Dang… anyone want to buy two beautifully painted units of the old champs? The only dang units in my whole trollblood army that are completely done, based, sealed, etc. and I’m gonna have to throw ’em over for these. What am I gonna do with FOUR units of champs?!? But yeah, nice sculpts!

  • Marauder

    That griffon kind of freaks me out. Nice looking model. Will have to make sure to set it on fire if I play against it 😉