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Privateer Press Posts New Previews

I realize, as I type this, and the Imperial March starts playing on Pandora, that a good, "good guy gone bad" story is something most love to watch. Some fairly iconic characters were once good guys, but then went a little astray. Is there still a hope for redemption? Only the writers know that for sure. In today's previews from Privateer Press, along with a bunch of templates and some resculpts, we get a look at both Commander Dalin Sturgis and Sturgis the Corrupted.

Above you can see the both versions of Sturgis as well as a new solo for the Retribution, the Soulless Voidtracer.

These are the two resculpts. Severius and Grissel have been around for quite some time with their old models. It was about time they got a bit of an update.

And here we have the template sets. Every faction gets their own. You've got a blast template, a spray template, and a measuring widget that gives you most of the oft-used distances in the game.