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Privateer Press Posts New Blindwater Info for the IKRPG

The Blindwater Congregation is easily my favorite faction for Warmachine/Hordes. Sure, I might own more Cygnar, but I mean... c'mon! Gatormen! And with the release of the new box set, more people than ever are getting into that faction. And they want more! And PP's here to deliver. They've posted up a bunch of expanded info for using the Blindwater in your games of the Iron Kingdoms RPG.

From the post:

The new Blindwater Congregation theme force article introduces a muck-filled bushel of new models for the gatormen of western Immoren—including Unleashed alumnus Longchops. Our boy from the Blackmarsh Valley made good, Ma!

Some of these models are already present in the Unleashed roleplaying game, like Mist Speakers and, of course, everyone’s favorite reptilian monster hunter. (Or should that be monster-hunting reptile? Maybe the editors can clue me in.)

For some of the others, such as the Gatorman Husk, Soul Slave, and the poor old Void Leech, we’re rolling out a handful of new rules for you to try them in your own swamp-themed games of the RPG. The material presented here is intended to spark the imagination of players and to test out new rules, new gear, and new concepts.