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Privateer Press Posts Monsterpocalypse Rulebook

As I mentioned before, it's another Year of New Editions. This one's a bit more of a blast from the past, Monsterpocalypse from Privateer Press. I remember when the original game came out at Gen Con and people were snapping it up left and right. We'll see if that happens at the re-release this Gen Con. In preparation for it, Privateer has posted the game's rulebook that you can check out.

From the announcement:

Privateer Press has just released the core rulebook for the upcoming Monsterpocalypse Hobby Miniatures Game for free. The document is available to download on

Monsterpocalypse centers on two or more giant kaiju monsters that brawl, blast, and body-slam each other in a dense destructible urban environment. Alongside these towering monsters, lesser minions, such as powerful tanks, fighter jets, flying saucers, fearsome dinosaurs, and demonic fiends fight to capture important locations and help power their monster to victory.

The Monsterpocalypse Hobby Miniatures Game rules represent an updated and streamlined second edition of the original 2008 collectible game. The digital rulebook will allow players to view all of the updates to the game in order to prepare for the game’s launch this September. The game will launch with two different Agendas for players to choose from when building their armies: the noble Protectors, who want to save the world and the creatures that inhabit it from destruction, and the evil Destroyers, who seek to enslave and destroy the Earth for their own diabolical purposes. Each Agenda will have its own starter box and each box will contain everything one player needs to begin playing games of Monsterpocalypse for that Agenda including: 1 85mm monster model, 5 15mm unit models, 26 custom dice, a two-sided battle map, 6 cardstock apartment buildings, 6 stat cards, 12 rubble/hazard tiles, 10 tokens, and a print copy of the core rules.

“Last week, we kicked off our ramp up to the release of Monsterpocalypse with our first livestream play-through of the new Monsterpocalypse on our Weekly Rumble livestream,” said Executive Director William Shick. “And with plenty more fun livestream and gaming content on the way, as well as two Organized Olay events scheduled to release right along the product’s launch, we wanted to get the full rules into players’ hands so they could begin to prepare to reach out and crush someone on day-one of release.”