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Privateer Press posts Machinations organized play rules for Warmachine/Hordes

Privateer Press told us about Machinations, their upcoming organized play system in their keynote address. Now they've posted up the rules for you to peruse.

From the update:

Machinations is a yearlong adventure that focuses on the discovery of the unknown. Someone, or something, is plotting against the armies of Western Immoren as strange incidents begin to occur all across the land. Player’s will battle over the various sites where bizarre events are occurring in an attempt to discover the truth. This tale will unfold in short story fiction that accompanies each season, in the store displays and online maps that the players interact with, and even in the tabletop battles themselves.

In the first season, Machinations: Umbra, the journey into the unknown begins. Something bizarre is occurring across western Immoren. A new and unseen threat is on the rise—something that will alter the wars of the Iron Kingdoms forever. The effects are being felt all across the land, whether it be the sudden disappearance of an entire village’s population, unnatural seismic catastrophes, or any number of other unexplainable phenomena.