Privateer Press posts a War Room update

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 23rd, 2012

Privateer Press has another update about their War Room app.

From the update:

We have learned that a code revision is required before Apple can approve War Room for the App Store. TinkerHouse has prepared a statement to explain why the app must be revised and what is being done to address Apple’s requirements.
We received word from Apple that the app requires a revision concerning file storage before it can be approved. A new policy regarding iCloud functionality requires that temporary files be stored in a specific directory and coded so that the temporary files are not backed up to iCloud. While War Room doesn’t use iCloud, the policy requires that we specifically address the issue.

So what does this mean?

This means that we are addressing the matter as per Apple’s instructions and resubmitting. We will be asking for expedited review but that is at Apple’s discretion. When we have more concrete information on the launch we will relay it to you.

We sincerely regret the further delay. We’re doing everything we can to get War Room into your hands.

Thank You,
TinkerHouse Games

TinkerHouse has already completed the necessary revisions, so we hope the app’s delay will be minimal.

War Room is our first mobile app, and this new experience has taught us some hard lessons about the unpredictable nature of code development. We apologize for the app’s delays and are just as eager as you are to see its release.

Thank you for your patience and support. We appreciate your excitement for War Room and can’t wait to bring it to you.

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  • Heble

    seriously, launch it on android. With luck you may save a few from purchasing apple products…. 🙂

  • GreenJello

    Unfortunately for all the Android fans they have tied us to the poor customer experience that is the apple products to ensure a “simultaneous launch”.

    In addition on of the developers posted (after the game was repeatedly late) detailed pictures of an army he reported painted during compilations of the app. As a software developer I know it can take a while on a mature product, but for something as relative trivial as this it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes…..

    Frankly, Tinkerhouse games is coming across as serious amateurs here. I’m going to wait a few days to see what happens with the app before rushing out to install it. My money is on a buggy release in addition to all the other problems, delays, and chicanery.

  • ater daeus

    I fail to see how this is a bad Apple customer experience. Tinkerhouse submitted it, it needs an amendment. That is all.

    All of this anti-apple sentiment just comes across as very childish.

    It’s software and will be ready when it’s ready. Patience is awesome.

  • arcturus

    I am amused by the similarities between the Android fanbase of today and the Apple fanbase of the 1990s (in terms of how angrily dismissive they are of rival products)

    At any rate, certification processes exist for a reason for companies that want to provide their customers with a consistent quality bar in 3rd party products (and protect them from potentially abusive code). Release date issues aside, preventing viruses, scams, and yes, even apps that write data into the wrong areas of the file structure, is generally considered providing a higher-quality (if slightly delayed) customer experience.

    They slow things down, but serve the same purpose on any platform – whether on iOS or on PS3 or Xbox (and believe me, Apple cert is way less of a pain than console cert.)

    It does show a bit of inexperience on the part of Tinkerhouse to not plan this into their schedule and to thus drag their customer base through the rollercoaster of cert along with them.