Privateer Press officially announces High Command, their Warmachine deck building game

By Polar_Bear
In Card Games
May 9th, 2013

Privateer Press has officially announced their High Command game, a deck-building game based on the Warmachine universe.

From the announcement:

The fires of continent-spanning war engulf western Immoren, forging great leaders in a crucible of conflict. Bold commanders orchestrate grand strategies and daring battlefield tactics, their actions bringing glorious victory—or the despair of final defeat. Do you have the courage and cunning to lead your forces to ultimate triumph? Take command and muster the military might of an entire nation to conquer the Iron Kingdoms!

WARMACHINE High Command is a deck-building card game for 2–4 players set in the steam-powered fantasy world of the Iron Kingdoms. This stand-alone game can be played with just the contents of this box or combined with other WARMACHINE High Command products for a customizable experience. Leverage your resources, rally your armies, and dominate your foes to set your banner above all of western Immoren!

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  • wittdooley

    Great price point compared to other deck builders. Really excited to see more info on how exactly the deck building is going to work. I had envisioned different “sub-deck” per warcaster, but it appears that they’ll be faction specific (which makes it easy to sell $15 Faction Decks! Woot!) so I’m interested to see exactly how the different casters will work within your decks.

  • ctaylor

    The price is typical for ~400 cards. Dominion and Penny Arcade: Gamers vs Evil are both $45 SRP, same as High Command.

    I’m interested in the gameplay. How does it set itself apart from the other DBGs?

  • cannondaddy

    If you add in the Horde deck building game you really have a lot of combinations to explore for replay options, provided the game itself is good enough.

  • Any release date info?

    • cybogoblin

      My money is on Lock & Load, or GenCon if there are delays.

  • KelRiever

    All game companies do the same thing. The only question is will this be good enough to last. Or at least good enough to entertain for a little while after purchase. Nothing wrong with Privateer giving it a try, I suppose, right?

    • mathieu

      They do give a try to everything, don’t they?

  • Sisyphus

    I’m waiting for Chibi Battle with exceptionally tall shoulder pads!

    Whoooooo… and the tag line will be…

    “All Fan Boyz Let’s Make Go Whoo Sounds Yah!”