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Privateer Press November 2011 releases have posted details on the Privateer Press releases for October November 2011.

  • PIP1047 HORDES: Domination softcover

  • PIP1048 HORDES: Domination hardcover

  • PIP34099 Cryx Satyxis Raiders (repackaging) (white metal)(10)

  • PIP42013 Cygnar Allies Precursor Knights (repackaging) (white metal)(10)

  • PIP71060 Trollblood Trollkin Warlock Grissel Bloodsong - Marshal of the Kriels (white metal)(1)

  • PIP72059 Circle Orboros Warlock Baldur the Stonesoul (white metal)(1)

  • PIP73059 Legion of Everblight Warlock Vayl - Consul of Everblight (white metal)(1)

  • PIP74059 Skorne Warlock Lord Arbiter Hexeris (white metal)(1)

  • PIP75033 Minions Farrow Warlock Sturm & Drang (white metal)(1)

  • PIP75041 Minions Gatorman Posse (repackaging) (white metal)(5)

  • PIPNQ39 No Quarter Magazine Issue #39