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Privateer Press October 2011 releases

Privateer Press have posted pricing and details of their Warmachine releases for October 2011. From their announcement:
This October, Privateer Press is releasing a limited number of new releases as we continue our efforts to eliminate back stock issues for retailers. However, the products being released this month are sure to be crowd pleasers! The highly anticipated plastic Man-O-War Demolition Corps resculpts will arrive this month, much to the delight of your Khador players and hobbyists. Also, ten years after she first introduced the world to the Iron Kingdoms, Alexia Ciannor has returned in epic form upon her fearsome undead steed!
Khador Man-O-War Demolition Corps (plastic) MSRP $44.99 PIP 33085 Armed with long-hafted ice mauls that can shatter flesh, bone, and steel like glass, the Man-O-War Demolition Corps can deliver destruction to the enemy with devastating ease. Fearless in their heavy steam-powered armor, the Demolition Corps all but ignore incoming fire as they reduce enemy soldiers, warjacks, and fortifications to shards of icy shrapnel with each swing of their mighty, freezing hammers. The Khador Man-O-War Demolition Corps comes in a box (PIP 33085). A player may field up to three Man-O-War Demolition Corps units for each warcaster in a Khador army. Special Note: PIP 33085 contains the same Mk II stat card as PIP 33037. The model in this box represents the same figure in the game. However, the model in PIP 33085 is a new sculpt and therefore looks different from the model found in PIP 33037 and 33038. In addition, this model is plastic rather than metal. PIP 33037 and 33038 will no longer be available from Privateer Press beginning October 1, 2011. Mercenary Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire Character Solo (white metal) MSRP $29.99 PIP 41091 Astride her horrifying skeletal steed, the infamous Alexia Ciannor reaps the souls of her enemies with the hell-forged blade Witchfire. The dark sorceress can raise an army of terrifying thrall warriors from the grave and rides alongside them as she lays about her with her sword, leaving nothing but ashes where she strikes. The Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire character solo comes in a blister (PIP 41091). A player may field one Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire in a Cygnar or Khador army or in a Mercenary army under the Four Star or Highborn contract. ??????????????????????