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Privateer Press New Releases Available, including new Warmachine Expansion Book

It's New Release Day for Privateer Press *hits the alarm button*
Wait, sorry, that's the "indoor snowball fight alarm."
*hits the other button*
There we go.
Anyway, this new batch has Warmachine: Reckoning, some new boxed sets of some models that've been out for a while, plus another pair of books you can read about below the cut.


So, the release most people are going to be interested in is Warmachine: Reckoning. The book has new warcasters, new colossals, new warjacks, new solos, and new narrative... ok so it's mostly the stuff before the narrative that people are excited about, but some of you are fluff-o-philes.

Forces of Distinction Cover

Another book coming out is the Forces of Distinction. This takes various theme forces that were initially found in No Quarter magazine and puts them all in one place. There's also two all-new force lists as well.

Then there's a trio of new boxes of some old units. There's Ironfang Pikemen, Wolfriders, and the Extreme Titan Gladiator.


Finally, if you're interested in getting into the Retribution of Scyrah, then there's a new starter army bundle for them (like the ones they've been doing recently for various factions).

There you have it. All of those are now available in their webshop as well as LGS shops around you (probably).