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Privateer Press looking for Playtesters

Privateer Press is looking for a few good gamers and you could be one. If you're interested in becoming a Playtester, check out the link.

This blog is the reason for that answer, because it will give those folks (and anyone else reading) the possibility of joining the worldwide Privateer Press playtester community. . . but becoming a part of that playtest community is not simply a matter of interest! It is also a question of aptitude. Playtesters also need a high level of game knowledge, exceptional written communication skills, and the ability to approach a topic they’re passionate about with an objective and scientific edge.

At the end of this blog, there’s a file of character warjacks. These are not real models, and their errors and imbalances are intentional. Aspiring playtest groups of 2-4 players should run these guys through their paces to nail down those errors and imbalances, attempt to accurately communicate any problems, and then propose fitting, helpful solutions to those problems. Once you’ve played a few playtest games and organized your group feedback, you can e-mail your playtest report to me directly at The cutoff for playtest feedback is July 23rd, 2012.