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Privateer Press Launches Widower's Wood Kickstarter Campaign

Privateer Press has headed to Kickstarter in order to fund their latest board game. Widower's Wood takes players into the dark and swampy places of Western Immoren. The game is a companion to The Undercity, with the two sets being compatible. But Widower's Wood is also a full game in and of itself. Much like Hordes is to Warmachine, the two games are separate, compatible, and equal.

The base game will come with 43 figures (plastic, and I assume already assembled, based on The Undercity), four hero character sheets, 202 cards, 202 tokens and markers, 8 dice, 16 map tiles, rulebook, villain reference sheet, and a campaign guide that has 7 adventures in it.

That is, of course, before any stretch goals might add to it.

The campaign just launched and is set to run for another 32 days.