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Privateer Press Launches Warmachine and Hordes Cards Database

We've known that Privateer Press was going to go mostly-paperless with their games Warmachine and Hordes. This means you'll have to get the cards online. But where? Well, in the new Card Database that they've launched, of course. It's free to access and has every card for every mini there. It will be regularly updated, as necessary, whenever new changes to model's stats or abilities are made.

From the announcement:

Privateer Press announces the completion of its online stat card database for WARMACHINE and HORDES. All cards for all models that currently exist can now be found and downloaded for free at In addition to all cards now available online for free, all rules for WARMACHINE and HORDES can be downloaded for free at Printed stat cards are no longer included with models.

Star Cards for future model releases will be added to the database on the day the models are first made available for purchase and will coincide with War Room 2 updates. A Card Version List is available at, providing players with a reference document of any recent changes or additions to the card database.