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Privateer Press Insider Previews Skorne Battle Engine

Privateer Press Insider previews the concept of the Skorne Battle Engine:

From their announcement:

“Take this drawing of a big monster I’ve sent you and paint an illustration! Have it smashing a humongous wall down! Make it stomping on a gazillion Trollkin warriors who are hopelessly outclassed! It should be red! And really, really angry! Have it to me next week or I’ll be really, really angry!”

The above quotes are basically a rendered down version of my art direction notes. I try to be a little more eloquent, but for the most part this is what I’m telling artists like Néstor Ossandón to do on a daily basis. And Nestor does not disappoint. Nestor took the awesome concept art of the Skorne Animantarax drawn by Carlos Cabrera and my stupid words, and turned it into this stunning entry for HORDES: Domination.

I really, really like my job. - Chris Walton