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Privateer Press Free Rules Contest

Privateer Press recently posted the rules for both Warmachine and Hordes up on their website. You can now go and download them for free. That's old news (that we reported on here). Well, they're upping the ante, wanting to see all of you trying out the game and are willing to give away prizes to entice you to do so.

For the month of September, if you buy a battlegroup or the two-player starter from your LGS, e-mail Privateer with your name, address, and a photo of the receipt. You could end up winning an all-in-one army bundle. Also, your LGS has a chance of receiving a prize pack from Privateer Press as well.
If that wasn't enough, if your LGS tweets their store's name along with a photo of you buying your set, there's an extra chance that they can win that prize pack.

So check out the rules for free online. Go pick up a starter set and you could end up getting quite a big faction bundle out of it and your store could get a prize pack as well.