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Privateer Press August Releases Announced

It would seem that August is going to be a rather big release month for Privateer Press. Among other things, they've got new two-player sets for both Warmachine and Hordes, some reculpts of popular figures, as well as several all-new releases. Let's dig in.

At the start we have the Warmachine Two-Player Battlebox. This set comes with two full battlegroups, two full units, the new core rules, tutorial guide, dice, ruler, battle map, and even a special narrative scenario. Except for glue and clippers, it's everything you need to start playing.

Cygnar players can look forward to a new sculpt for the Black 13th, as well as the Arcane Tempest Rifleman solo. Speaking of the Arcane Tempest, the Black 13th are getting resculpted.

Cryx players can look forward to the Inflictor/Seether box set. Inside you can make either an Inflictor or Seether, in plastic. The Seether you know about. Meanwhile, the Inflictor has something new for Cryx: a shield. And he knows how to use it, since he has Shield Guard as well.

There's also the Carrion Thralls (also for Cryx, if you couldn't've guessed). They've got SPD 7, Flight, and Reposition (5). So they're everywhere you want them to be.

Hordes is also getting a new 2-player battle box. It's much the same as the Warmachine one (in terms of extras, anyway. Obviously the models are vastly different).

Ghetorix, the Circle character warpwolf, is getting himself a new look with a resculpted figure.

And then there's the Hellmouth, a new Legion unit. Yes... unit. It can deploy up to 12" beyond the regular deployment zone (MkI Advanced Deploy, anyone?). Obviously, being a tentacle horror, it'll grab hold of enemy figures and not let go via its Grip ability.

Go talk to your LGS to make sure they've got these things ordered so you can be the first gamer on your block with them when they're released.

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