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Privateer Press Announces the Return of Monsterpocalypse

I remember one of my first Gen Cons was the one where Monsterpocalypse was released. Man, that thing sold like gangbusters. People were buying multiple cases at a time, wanting to build up their armies. Then, well... it died away. But like any good monster, you can't keep it down forever. Privateer Press has announced that the game will be coming back this fall.

From the announcement:

Monsterpocalypse puts you in control of a giant monster (or two…or three) and a small army of units like fighter jets, UFOs, or smaller-but-no-less-ravenous monsters that support your giant monster. Played out on a gridded city map populated by skyscrapers, factories, and other urban structures, your giant monster and his buddies wage war against another monster and his buddies. The action is governed by your management of a fistful of dice that alternates between two pools corresponding to your monster and your units, while strategic spots on the map provide extra power dice that can greatly increase your combat effectiveness. The fight lasts until only one monster (or monster team) is left standing to claim what is, by then, a pile of urban rubble. But then again, smashing buildings is half the fun of giant monster battles.

For the revitalized Monsterpocalypse, we went back to the classic Factions and characters and updated their designs before producing all-new sculpts. By producing the miniatures as hobby models that you get to assemble, paint, and customize, we’re able to manufacture them in our own factory, which allows us to add a ton more detail to the figures that we weren’t able to create when the figures were in pre-painted plastic. They’re also quite a bit bigger and chunkier than the originals, which is going to make them even more fun to paint.