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Privateer Press Announces New Undercity Expansion

Undercity, Privateer Press' cooperative dungeon crawl adventure game, is getting some new heroes to head into the dank sewers and passageways of Corvis in order to root out the evil that's starting to form down there. This is the first expansion that's been announced since the game's release earlier this year. The new heroes come from the Black River Irregulars (maybe they should eat more fiber).

The four heroes are group founding members Colbie Sterling and Eilish Garrity, along with newer recruits Bastian Kinnet (a Morrowan battle-chaplain) and Barl Blackheel (it's easy to accidentally step in something in those sewers), a Rhulic pistoleer. You can mix and match this quartet of heroes into your games. Expect to see them sometime in the summer of 2016.