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Privateer Press Announces Launch Date for Widower's Wood Board Game

Privateer Press has announced that their next board game endeavor will be funded through Kickstarter. Widower's Wood will take players into the deep, dark woods in hunt of gators (as Lynyrd Skynyrd plays on Pandora. Thanks for the appropriate mood music, Pandora). While Privateer Press has been on Kickstarter in the past, this is the first time they're taking a board game project to the crowdfunding website.

In the game, players work together to work their way through the Widow's Wood. The game board is made up of tiles that can be reconfigured depending on the scenario you've decided to play. It sounds like it'll be an out-in-the-swamp version of Undercity. And considering that the two games will be fully compatible, that's not a bad comparison.

Expect the game to hit Kickstarter February 16th.