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Privateer Press Announces December Releases

Privateer Press is letting people know what sort of things they can expect to be released in December. Hey, fall's here. So that means Christmas is coming (as are the other winter holidays, of course). Start making your list for the gamer in your life. If they play Hordes, Warmachine, or the IKRPG, there might be something there for them.

The two things we don't have photos of are for the IKRPG. First is the Game Master Toolkit. This set will come with a GM screen, some terrain tiles, and Initiative Tracking and Life Spiral cards to help keep track of turn order and how much life your characters have left. The other item is a set of terrain tiles. They are the Unleashed Catacombs.

After that, we move on to things you can take a look at. Menoth and Cryx are getting new character warjacks in the form of Hand of Judgement and Barathrum, respectively. Cryx will also be getting a unit box of Soulhunter cavalry. The other Warmachine unit coming out is the House Vyre Electromancers (as all the Cygnar players go, "yeah, that's cute."). Finally, Circle players for Hordes can look forward to the Death Wolves character unit.