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Prison Expansion Added To The Walking Dead Kickstarter

Mantic Games is going to jail. Well, the Walking Dead: All Out War is going to jail. That is to say that the Prison Expansion set has been added to the Kickstarter campaign that's going on now. You can add it now to your pledge if you feel like doing that sort of thing (and I know a lot of you do).

Prison Expansion

This new set adds in lots of new scenarios, which helps continue the ongoing story of The Walking Dead. Zombies aren't the only thing out to get you as the former prisoners have made themselves a little stronghold inside the prison. Dexter, Andrew, Thomas, and Axel come in as playable characters in the game. Of course, with new locations comes new opportunities for loot. And being a prison, there's all sorts of new weaponry and armor you can stock up on. There's a new gaming mat that depicts the prison grounds, too.

The Prison Expansion is a $40 extra for your pledge.

The campaign has another 2 weeks to go before time runs out.