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Print Versions of 5 Legacy 2e Life Among the Ruins RPG Books Now Available

I'm an "actually have the book in my hand" type of person. Sure, I use digital versions of books literally every work day but if given the choice for my own collection? I like the real deal. If you're like me and you're playing Life Among the Ruins from Modiphius, you'll be happy to know that 5 new sourcebooks are now available in print format.

From the announcement:

Hi there,

Today we're really pleased to announce the release of the print editions of five new titles for the amazing Legacy 2e Life Among the Ruins RPG, with a series of Worlds of Legacy releases which provide alternative settings and brand new frontiers for your Legacy games.

These Worlds of Legacy books are now available in Print and PDF on as well as in PDF on as part of our Legacy Collections, and join the recent print edition of the Legacy Life Among the Ruins 2e core book.