Pride of Lions Mass Combat Fantasy Miniature Rules available

Pride of LionsGanesha Games is now selling copies of the Pride of Lions Mass Combat Fantasy Miniature Rules.

From their announcement:
Pride of Lions – Mass Combat Fantasy rules by John McBride is available as a $11,99 pdf or a $24,99 printed book (85 pages, color cover with B/W interior).

These rules are designed by John McBride and produced with Splintered Light Miniatures. Although distributed by Ganesha Games, they are not based on the Ganesha Games “system” used in other games like Song of Blades and Heroes. The dice used and the mechanics are completely different.

These rules provide a fast and fun game of fantasy mass combat. In Pride Of Lions each player becomes the commanding general of the army or warlord of the horde. Magic, and the courage and skills of individual heroes, can affect the game, but the outcome of the battle will depend mainly on the clash of large units of common fighters operating under the general’s orders. Maintaining a coherent battle line, (or, better, two battle lines, as reserves are very useful) is not obligatory but is amply rewarded by the rules.

There is a degree of abstraction in the rules, particularly as regards formations and units moving through one another. These rules compromise with realism in favor of speed and ease of play. Players will have plenty of things to worry about without bothering themselves with the sort of details that the unit commanders, or their sergeants, should be handling.

Each turn begins with players issuing orders to eligible units by laying inverted movement chits behind each unit. After a magic phase, which can result in a unit’s orders being changed involuntarily or randomly, all orders are revealed and movement is conducted simultaneously by all sides but in a strict sequence, with the most aggressive movement coming first (charges) and skirmishers going last.

Both melee combat and missile fire are conducted through opposed die rolls, using dice of various sizes from D4s to D24’s, with the difference between the die rolls determining the outcome.

Terrain, magic, special weapons and tactics, leadership and heroism by characters all affect the game either through the movement chits or the die rolls.

Although designed with miniatures produced by Splintered Light Miniatures in mind, these rules can be easily used with other scales and miniatures.

You can get the PDF ($11,99, 85 black and white pages, color cover) or the printed book ($24,99, 85 black and white pages, color cover).

If you attend Origins, printed copies will be available at the Splintered Light Miniatures’ booth. After Origins, the printed book will also be available via mail order from Splintered Light Miniatures’ site.

The PDF is already or will be available also through the fine vendors that carry Ganesha products such as , and