Price increase at Critical Mass

Critical Mass Games have announced an upcoming price increase.

From their website:

The team at Critical Mass would like to thank everyone for their support this last year, it has been a challenge for us all and thankfully the ups have far outweighed the downs. We have posted the new release schedule that will take us into 2011 seeing new releases for the ARC Fleet, Kaamados and MERCS, along with a new race, the Praesentia. As many of you already know from looking at the workbench on our the Critical Mass Games forum we have much more planned for 2011 which will include more Praesentia infantry and vehicles, more ARC Fleet, and more Protolene Vehicles.

In addition Dale is already hard at work on the Protolene and Kaamados building range. It is however with some regret that we must announce that our prices will be rising on 18th October 2010 as we have faced, and up until now absorbed, four price rises in metal costs this year. This rise will not be effecting all our products and a detailed list will be posted in the coming week. Whilst rises are inevitable, we will still continue to offer free worldwide shipping on all orders over £20.00.