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Previews starting for Blood Rage

Blood Rage is a new board game coming out from Guillotine Games and Studio McVey. They've started posting up previews of concept art and some of the first minis.
I had a chance to play this game several months ago. It was a good time had by all. You play as a viking clan who is out to out-pillage, out-conquer, and out-glory-acquire your opponents before the world ends (because if you're gonna have an end scenario for a game, have it be an end scenario for a game).


From them to you:

Blood Rage is an epic Viking board game of pillaging, fighting and questing for 2-4 Players.
Each player represents a mighty Clan of Vikings, released from the halls of Valhalla, endowed with the gifts of the gods themselves, to pillage the remains of Midgard as it burns during Ragnarok.
By acclaimed game designer Eric M. Lang and renowned artist Adrian Smith, Blood Rage is the new epic board game creation we are proud to present.