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Previews posted for War of Wonders Miniatures Game

Limana Press has started posting up concept art for their new miniatures game, War of Wonders. It's an alternate-history WWII skirmish game. It's sort of WWII but a bit set in the world of Metropolis (the movie, not Superman's town), with wizards, and mechanica, and other such things added in as well.

From the post:

New concepts had been released last month for War of Wonders Miniature Game by Limana Press. We're now face to face with some cool arts for this 30mm skirmish wargame set in an alternative WW II where Axis and Allied troops fight alongside Wizards, Machine-Men, Prodigies and other genetically-modified beings called Meta-Humans.
The first two Meta-Humans that will be released through the soon to come Kickstarter campaign are the Nazi algid beauty Brunhild and the US masked Adventurer known as The Flag.

Brunhild is a former German scientist who worked with the team that created the Wunderkammern to produce superheroes. She can fly, has incredible strength and is immune to most sources of damage.

The Flag is a daring, brave soldier that leads US troops to battle. He has no superpowers, but a superior training and athletic prowess, and he wields the Rod of Liberty, a weapon that shoots powerful energy bolts at short distances.

They will lead the first squads that will be produced for the game: German's Arischer Korps and US Rangers. These miniatures will offer multi-pose options, with a selection of personal and squad weapons, multiple heads and legs, giving to each and any soldier a pretty unique flavour.