Previews and new releases from Baccus

Baccus have posted details of some new releases as well as pictures of some upcoming Ancients and Napoleonic figures.


From their website:

Time for some more new releases. Rather than a new range as such, these are some much sought after ‘fillers’.

First, I am relieved to announce that at long last, the Mahdist Riflemen are finally, finally available. Now will you all please, please, please stop the emails.

Secondly, all of you waiting for the High Command for your Risorgimento armies need wait no longer as we now have available both Austrian and Piedmontese general and staff figures.

The keen-eyed amongst you will spot that there are no photos of these yet. This is because the moulds are so fresh out of the can that I haven’t had chance to paint any of the castings yet. I’ll be adding these a little later. However we do have some photos of the forthcoming new Hittite range.

These will replace the older versions which have been withdrawn from sale. The new sculpts are a vast improvement on what was one of our oldest ranges of figures and should be available from next month. This marks the start of what will be a steady replacement of many of our older Ancients ranges in order to bring them up to our current high standards. Work is already well underway on the Ancient Spanish and Moors and these will rapidly be followed by the Celts, Carthaginians and Republican Romans. The aim is to have the Punic Wars figures replaced by entirely new sculpts by the end of this year.

We will however continue to expand our ranges as well a resculpt older ones. The next new range will be Napoleonic Spanish and will follow the standard set by the new British figures. For those of you who may be interested, here are some masters so you can see what to expect.

Finally, to anyone visiting the York show next month, we’ll be there with the Baccus stand and will all have all our new releases plus the usual bits and pieces.

If you want to pre-order anything can I please ask you get in touch as soon as you can so we have time to cast the items for you.