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Preview Posted of Kumari Ship For Star Trek Attack Wing

Star Trek is well-known for its wide array of alien races (and a particular captain's love for them). Most of those races also have their own space tech. There's dozens of different types of spaceships out there, and today we get a look at the the Andorian Battle Cruiser Kumari.

One thing I've noticed about Star Trek Attack Wing vs. the X-Wing Miniatures Game is that in Star Trek the attack values seem to be higher and the defense values seem to be lower. This makes a lot of sense when you realize that the ships in Star Trek are huge compared to the starfighers of X-Wing. This ship pack continues that, with a ship that has 3 attack and 1 defense. But beyond that, there's a couple new weapon systems, one with 4 attack and another that has 5 attack. You can't fire them every turn, but certainly having such firepower at your disposal will make your opponents feel uneasy and hope that their shields are up to par.

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