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Preview of Peacekeeper Warband for This Is Not a Test

World's End Publishing is showing off concept art and some preliminary greens for the Peacekeeper Warband for their upcoming post-apocalyptic game, This is Not a Test.


From the preview:

World's End Publishing is pleased to present the first faction model for our in-development post-apocalypse game "This Is Not a Test". The first faction is the Peacekeepers, who enact wasteland justice for their select clients. There will be a initial release of five models for this warband and the first to be completed is their stalwart leader. Depending on the type of Peacekeeper warband you choose, he can either be a valiant Road Marshall or a ruthless Hanging Judge. This particular model comes with two head options and two arms with different weapons, either a SMG or a pistol. We might also release him with a plasma/ laser rifle to represent those great relics from before the Fall. The original sculpt is by Ernst Veingart. For more information please check out our website. This Is Not a Test is scheduled for a release later in 2014. Thanks.