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Preview Movement and Combat in Imperial Assault

Fantasy Flight Games is previewing how movement and combat in Imperial Assault, their upcoming Descent-style board game set in the Star Wars universe, work in their new preview article.

Imperial Assault


From the post:

Take your place in the Star Wars saga with Imperial Assault, a board game of tactical combat and adventure for two to five players! Every game of Imperial Assault brings you directly into the action of the classic films, whether you infiltrate secret Imperial bases as Rebel operatives, or use your squads of Stormtroopers and mercenaries to quell the insignificant Rebellion.

As we explored previously, two complete games are included within Imperial Assault. In the campaign game, up to four players control heroes of the Rebellion, engaging in a series of thrilling, cinematic missions. Opposite these heroes, one player controls the unlimited resources and power of the Galactic Empire, fielding massive AT-ST walkers, deadly Stormtroopers, mechanical Probe Droids, and more.