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Prep Or Die, a new card game soon to be on Indiegogo

Imp House knows that preparation beats expiration any day, and they've made a Prep Or Die card game to prove it. They'll be running an Indiegogo campaign soon for it.

From them to you:

The Preppin gameplay is authored by Rimmer, with Imp House owner Travis Watkins providing the graphic design of the cards and packaging. The entire production will be manufactured in the USA, by Morel Ink, a union print shop in Portland.

The goal of the game is simple: keep everyone in your family alive and be the lone survivor of all cataclysmic disasters thrown your way. Rimmer came up with the idea while watching disaster films and television shows illustrating the detailed survival plans of "preppers."

"Everyone has participated in those end-of-days discussions: what you would do if the dead started rising, or if the Yellowstone super volcano exploded," states Rimmer. "Would you be prepared? I wanted to create a game that could put your Preppin strategy to the test, in a format the whole family can enjoy."

"9 out of 10 preppers agree: Armageddon Preppin should be a mandatory exercise to improve your doomsday readiness," adds Watkins. "Plus, it's fun to play."

To be a part of the early stages of the game and help Preppin reach its funding goal before the deadline of April 11th, 2013, check out the Indiegogo campaign at Supporter perks include 1st Edition copies of the game, an expansion pack of 5 cards exclusive to Indiegogo supporters, and a custom designed wooden "Bug Out Box," also exclusive to Indiegogo supporters and limited to only 50 pieces.