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Precision Machined Floating Face Dice - Now in Titanium and Numerals

Sly Kly has an Indiegogo campaign running in order to fund some new Floating Face Dice available in several metals, including titanium and now available with numerals.


From the campaign:

After my 1st Successful run of these dice on Kickstarter I was planning on "rolling" the profits over into extra dice. But "Life" happened and I was laid off from my full time job as a Mechanical Engineer. Since Kickstarter doesn't allow you to re-run duplicate projects I decided to raise the funds here on Indiegogo to produce a 2nd run of these amazing dice.

Does this project offer anything new from the 1st project?

I will now be offering these amazing dice in the lightweight yet strong material of ...

I will also be offering for the first time d6 dice with Numerals!