Precis release Warcosm Assault

Warcosm AssaultPrecis Intermedia have released a new supplement, Warcosm Assault, for their Warcosm space combat game.

From their website:
Expand your Warcosm games with boarding actions.

This add-on provides quick-playing rules for using assault squads. Board enemy vessels and either sabotage or commandeer them, but be ready to fight off defending contingent squads. Maintaining the same game mechanics as ship to ship battles, this addendum to the Warcosm game introduces new rules for assault craft, troops, hyper-shunting, and ramming, as well as new systems like assault bays, chaff launchers, plasma bursters, and tractor emitters.

This PDF file contains
• Rulebook
• 270 Ship and Troop Counters
• Custom Components File for the Warcosm Shipyard application with 6 new components.

• Warcosm rulebook
• Scissors or hobby knife (for preparing components)