Precis Intermedia’s Solo Wargaming Guide Now Available

By Polar_Bear
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Jun 23rd, 2013

Precis Intermedia knows sometimes it’s hard to find a minis gaming opponent, so they’ve come up with their Solo Wargaming Guide.

From the release:

Have the urge to play a wargame, but can’t find an opponent? Grab The Solo Wargaming Guide to undertake tabletop wargame campaigns without other players. Novices and veterans alike can augment their favorite wargaming rules for solitary play. This book is available in both PDF and Softcover formats (pre-order the softcover and download the PDF to read while you wait).

Incorporating one of the first e-publishing RPG companies, Precis Intermedia is known for its diverse line-up of clear and concise games. Precis Intermedia’s current game lines include the ENnie Award-winning Ancient Odysseys for fantasy gaming; ENnie Award-nominated Two-Fisted Tales for thrilling pulp action; Brutes, New World Disorder, Warcosm, and A Fistfull of Miniatures for miniatures gaming; HardNova 2, Coyote Trail, EarthAD 2, Mean Streets, and Ghostories for low-cost, ready-to-play entertainment; Active Exploits Diceless for universal diceless roleplaying with that familiar ‘dice’ feel; Story Engine for scene and adjective-based, collaborative roleplaying; and more. Visit the Precis Intermedia web site at for more information.

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  • bishnak

    Good product. I bought the PDF version last night and I’m quite impressed 🙂

    • Ghost

      Does it provide ‘artificial intelligence’ for an opponent in a solo battle? I’m tempted but was left with the impression that the book was mostly just providing campaign rules for a solo player.