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Precis Intermedia To Rerelease Supergame

Precis Intermeida has acquired the rights to Supergame, the super-powered RPG. Players are able to create their own superhero characters, statted out via a points system. The initial release will be a re-issue of the 2nd edition of the rules. After that, Precis is looking to create a 3rd edition, with streamlined and updated rules.

From the announcement:

Precis Intermedia is pleased to announce that it has acquired the intellectual property rights to Supergame, the classic super-powered roleplaying game. Created by Jay Hartlove and Aimee (Hartlove) Milan, Supergame was the first superhero roleplaying game to utilize a point-based creation system for prime statistics, abilities, and powers.

The second edition of Supergame will be re-released thirty-five years after its initial launch. This classic reprint will compile its two supplements, Reactor and The Heroes of Poseidonis, as well as the first edition, into a single book. It will be available in both PDF and Softcover formats. This piece of gaming history is a must get for collectors, old school gamers, and those looking for something a little different when it comes to super-powered roleplaying.

Precis Intermedia is also excited to announce that it will be releasing a new edition of Supergame, focusing on streamlined play. This third edition is designed to be versatile while keeping it simple, and will also provide different scales of power, varying degrees of success, benchmarked measurements, custom knacks and faults, and open-ended power sources and expressions.