Precis Intermedia releases 99¢ Eclectics paper figures

Precis Intermedia have released the Eclectics set of paper figures.


From their announcement:

A special treat for Disposable Heroes(R) fans — 99¢ Eclectics. This special set features 10 wildly-different figures, as requested by fans.

Precis Intermedia’s ENnie Award-nominated Disposable Heroes paper miniatures are the perfect accessories for roleplaying games or 25/28mm war/miniatures games. Eclectics are available for 99¢ as a single download or $1.99 for customizable downloads.

Customizable Disposable Heroes are full color, downloadable paper miniatures that can be customized through an online interface, and can now also be printed and shipped to your door as an option. Specify which figures are downloaded to a PDF file, as well as whether or not they are labeled and/or numbered. Entire pages of duplicate figures can be downloaded, making the creation of armies a breeze. Each set is available as A-Frame Stand-ups, Tri-Fold Stand-ups, and Flat Counters. When printed, the minis are sharp and detailed — black & white figures can also be downloaded for those with older non-color printers.

Statix Disposable Heroes consist of beautifully-illustrated, ready-to-print paper miniatures in the same three formats as customizable sets but as a single, convenient download. And for those who go through armies, Statix sets give you just that–a filled sheet of each figure in each of the three formats, as well as numbering to keep track of duplicates. And if that weren’t enough, each set is done in both color and black & white. In fact, each Statix set is assembled as a single, ready-to-use download via the same online system that powers the Customizable version.