Precis Intermedia release Alien paper miniatures

Precis Intermedia have added a new set of alien paper miniatures to their online store, Disposable Heroes: Sci-Fi Statix 2 (Aliens).

From their announcement:

Precis Intermedia has released a set of the ENnie Award-nominated Disposable Heroes paper miniatures for Sci-Fi games. These miniatures are perfect accessories for roleplaying games or 25/28mm war/miniatures games. 30 different exotic aliens provide a diverse collection for your needs. Available as either a Statix or Customizable Download.

Customizable Disposable Heroes are full color, downloadable paper miniatures that can be customized through an online interface. You can specify which figures are downloaded to a PDF file, as well as whether or not they are labeled and/or numbered. In addition, entire pages of duplicate figures can be downloaded, making the creation of armies a breeze. Each set is available as A-Frame Stand-ups, Tri-Fold Stand-ups, and Flat Counters. When printed, the minis are sharp and detailed (black & white figures can also be downloaded for those with older non-color printers).