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Precinct Omega update

The Precinct Omega team have sent along an update on the progress on their game and miniatures. From their announcement:
Well, it took us a day longer than planned, but our free download of the 0th Edition of the Skrapyard rules has come down and been replaced with the Raw Rules version, which we've optimized for use on smart phones and tablet computers by reducing the page size to A5 but keeping the text as large as the original. You can get that at our downloads page. Meanwhile, we've got two new collaborations to announce. The first is with Think Wargames. Think will be adding an option to purchases of the Warhammer 40,000 starter boxed set from Games Workshop to buy the set fully painted by the talented hands of the Precinct Omega Studios team. Initial options will only include painting to tabletop level, but if the service proves popular, we'll be rolling it out to include the starter sets for other games and, hopefully, to battalion boxed sets and more.
Our second collaboration is with Mike Broadbent of Eureka Miniatures. Mike told us: "Having been in the hobby industry since 1979, I tend to see the same old ideas regurgitated as "the next best thing", vary rarely does something come along that piques my interest like your Skrap World concept has. I was immediately lost in the world of Skrapyard and the associated skrapgangs. Fabulous stuff." And to prove that he meant it and wasn't just chatting us up, Mike has offered to sculpt two new miniatures for Skrapyard for free. Now, Precinct Omega isn't a charity, so we're still talking with him about what arrangement we're going to come to, but as we already have our production schedule for the next three Skrapyard miniatures planned and in-hand, we're going to see if we can't get Mike to do something special for us. What will it be? We have no idea. But we'll let you know just as soon as we can.